Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service



WEIGHT LIMITS: The agreed price (as shown overleaf) entitles the customer to place waste in the bin/s to the maximum weight as specified overleaf. Where waste exceeds specified maximum weight, the customer is liable for extra charges according to the extra weight in the bin.

OVERFILL: Bin is to be filled only to the rim. If bin is overfilled extra charges may apply, and we reserve the right if necessary, to tip off surplus waste on site. We are not liable to remove any waste that is not safely within the bin. The hirer agrees to load skips in a reasonable manner, i.e. skips are full with a level load, contain load within the skip, try to place heavy objects low in skip.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: (Where service only).
NO Masonry Products in general waste skips. Charges will apply.
BRICKS, CONCRETE, ROOF TILES: Must be sorted (i.e. one type per bin) and free from any contamination.
CLEAN FILL: Includes soil and/or clay. Does not include sand or green waste. Must be free from any contamination.
E Waste Charges apply.

Where contamination in recyclable materials is found to be present, the concessional recycling rate will no longer apply.

ASBESTOS/FIBRO: The hirer agrees NOT to place asbestos products in skips, asbestos/fibro not to be placed in this bin without prior arrangement. As asbestos is classified as hazardous material, bin must be lined with 200 micron low density polythene plastic before filling, then sealed across the top when filled.

TREE STUMPS: Larger than 150mm (6˝) in diameter are not to be placed in this bin without prior arrangement. Additional charges apply.

All care will be taken, (but Fast Skips Recycling Pty Ltd) responsibility for delivery of bins will cease at the kerbside of the address stated. If it is necessary for a vehicle to cross a footpath or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting delivery, the customer will provide safe and adequate access and not with standing will pay for all damage to any public or private property and every injury or wrong which may result there from. All care taken but no responsibility is accepted for any actions, loss, claims, damages, death or injury to any person or property, arising from the use of this bin and associated equipment and the customer shall indemnify (Fast Skips Recycling Pty Ltd) in relation there to. The customer also agrees to indemnify (Fast Skips Recycling Pty Ltd) for any loss or damage caused to the bin by the customers use of the bin. We also reserve the right to refuse to carry a bin until such time as, inter alia, these conditions, or such other conditions as we deem necessary are complied with, and any extra charges that are so incurred, shall be borne by the customer.

The hirer accepts that they are liable to be billed for any cleaning and repainting the bin may use that has occurred as a result of the customer damaging or leaving the bin appearing dirty and unclean. The hirer may need to pay for any painted services the bin may need.

DELIVERY ADVICE: TERMS strictly COD unless prior to delivery arrangements made. GENERAL HIRE TERM 7 days inclusive.


HIRE: Skip bins are subject to hire fees after initial 7 day hire.